I test all the best 4K TVs, and these are the 3 deals to look out for on Prime Day

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The Fourth of July holiday may have come and gone, but Prime Day is on the horizon, so it’s time to start thinking about how much you’ll be able to save on the best TVs when the July Prime Day sales event officially hits on July 16 and 17.

The TVs selected here are all 2024 models we’ve reviewed and have been impressed by. In each case, performance, gaming features, and value are well-represented, and they’ve already seen discounts since being released this spring. How much lower can prices go? Early Prime Day TV deals are already starting to pop up, but we expect to see more and better discounts as we draw closer to the day.

Of the TVs listed below, the LG C4 and Samsung Q80D are mid-range models in their respective lineups. As such, they aren’t priced as high out of the gate as the company’s flagship models, though they in some ways rival higher-end models in terms of features and performance. The TCL QM851G is that company’s flagship mini-LED TV for 2024, though, like past top TVs from TCL, it doesn’t come at a flagship price.


LG C4 OLED TV showing man walking

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The LG C4 offers great overall picture quality at a lower price than the company’s flagship LG G4 OLED TV. A new Brightness Booster feature in the C4 results in a brighter picture than last year’s LG C3, and there’s also a new Dolby Vision Filmmaker Mode picture preset to ensure you get director-improved pictures even when streaming movies and shows with Dolby Vision HDR. Sound also gets a boost on the C4 via an AI Sound Pro mode that provides virtual 9.1.2-channel upmixing of soundtracks.

LG’s mid-range OLED is one of the best gaming TVs, with four HDMI 2.1 ports that provide 4K 120Hz support, VRR, and ALLM. New LG OLED TVs for 2024 are also the first to be 144Hz certified by Nvidia, which makes them perfect for PC as well as console gaming.

A distinguishing feature of the LG C4 OLED lineup is that the TVs come in a wide range of screen sizes, from 42 inches up to 83 inches. We’ve seen discounts on all sizes, with the 77-inch model already getting a $700 price cut at Best Buy. Keep an eye out for big discounts on your preferred C4 size on Prime Day, because we raved about this TV's quality in our LG C4 review.

Samsung Q80D QLED TV

Samsung Q80D on table showing landscape

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Samsung’s Q80D is the top regular QLED model in the company’s TV lineup, and it provides a lower-cost alternative to its pricey “Neo QLED” mini-LED TVs. But here, lower cost doesn’t large compromise: In our Samsung Q80D review, we found that it delivered “outstanding contrast performance, combining more brightness with deeper, more natural, and more consistent black levels than any other LCD TV I can think of in its class.” 

While it lacks the mini-LED backlighting and super-high brightness of higher-end Samsung TVs, the Q80D features the same Neo Quantum 4 processor found in the flagship Samsung QN95D range. This accounts for the Q80D’s excellent 4K upscaling and noise reduction. The Q80D series is also a fantastic gaming TV, with 4 HDMI 2.1 ports with 4K 120Hz support, a low 9.8ms input lag in Game Mode, and Samsung’s Gaming Hub.

The Q80D series is already seeing some deep pre-Prime Day price cuts, with the 65-inch model already seeing a 25% discount at Amazon. At that price, now may be as good a time as ever to scoop one up.

TCL QM851G mini-LED TV

TCL QM851G TV showing image of man wearing sunglasses

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TCL has a long track record of making great TVs at even greater prices, and the new QM851G may be the best example of that yet. In our recent TCL QM51G review, we found that it delivered extremely high brightness levels. That, combined with its anti-reflection screen, makes it a fantastic option for sports viewing, though its impressive local dimming also makes it perfect for movies.

Another feature that makes the QM851G stand out is its Onkyo-designed 2.1.2-channel speaker system with up-firing Dolby Atmos speakers. It’s also a great TV for gaming, with a native 120Hz display and two HDMI 2.1 inputs with support for 4K 144Hz and FreeSync Premium Pro VRR.

The TCL QM851G has already seen discounts since its release, with the 75-inch model we tested now selling for $1,799. Will it drop lower on Prime Day? If so, TCL’s flagship mini-LED TV will be one of the best TV deals going.

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