Det senaste från ryktesbruket indikerar att Apples kommande 20-tumsenhet kan bli en vikbar hybrid av MacBook och iPhone. (Image credit: Farknot Architect / Shutterstock)

MacBooks are laptops made by the tech giant Apple, and over the years they’ve become synonymous with thin, light yet powerful notebooks. It’s hard to overstate the impact MacBooks, particularly the iconic MacBook Air, had on the laptop market - such as prompting its Windows-based rivals to create a whole new genre to compete: the Ultrabook.

The latest generation are Apple’s best yet, so it’s little surprise, then, that MacBooks often find their way onto our best laptops list.

If you mainly associate Apple with iPhones, AirPods and iPads, then you really need to check out what it’s doing in the laptop space as well - releasing a range of products that combine powerful performance with stylish looks and the superb build quality for which the company has become known.

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