Report: Samsung may roll out a third camera fix for Galaxy S24 Ultra

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Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra may soon receive a third camera upgrade, as notable industry leaker Ice Universe claimed on X (the platform formerly known as Twitter) said the smartphone will see multiple optimizations to several functions. 

These changes include improving white balance, HDR, facial features, and video zoom and addressing problems with over-processing and overexposure. It’s unknown exactly how Samsung will make the improvements, though. 

Online reports claim Ice Universe originally posted “samples comparing the image quality before and after the update.” However, they deleted the comparison, and it appears no one saved a screenshot online. Although the sample is gone, we can look at old forum posts instead to get an idea of what may arrive in the upcoming update.

Regarding white balance, the company may tone down white colors in photographs. One user on the official Samsung forums complained about “poor white balance and distortion” on the corners of the S24 Ultra. What’s interesting is white balance fixes were introduced in an April update, as adjustments were made to improve accuracy. It seems further refinements were necessary and may soon be rolled out.

Overexposure is another point of contention. People have complained about photographs looking too yellow and less detailed than those taken on other phones. Again, this issue was addressed in the past, but further refinements may have been deemed necessary. 

Long-standing issues

Ice Universe claims the patch will be released sometime next month, with another potentially releasing soon after. They state there still aren’t any optimizations for the telephoto lens or for night mode above 10x zoom. The leaker hopes Samsung continues to fix these issues in the near future.

The camera system on the S24 Ultra has been a big point of contention for users as the array has been tarnished by a slew of problems. Some of which we’ve already mentioned, although they also extended to poor noise reduction and bad performance in low-light conditions. A quick Google search shows news articles, forum posts, and YouTube videos attempting to help owners with their camera issues. Hopefully, the problems that have plagued the S24 Ultra are non-existent on the Galaxy S25 Ultra.

There’s no word on whether Samsung plans to roll out the fixes to either the base Galaxy S24 or S24 Plus. At the time of this publishing, it seems the patch will be exclusive to the Ultra model.

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