Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra: latest news, rumors, and what we want to see

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 on wrist
The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 (Image credit: Future)

It's very likely that we'll see the rumored  launch alongside the equally rumored Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 at the next Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event taking place on Wednesday, July 10. If you want to follow the live stream, then check out our guide on how to watch Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2024

Now a few caveats: we're still not sure on the name: it might be the Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra with the numbering included, or it might be the Galaxy Watch 7 Pro, keeping the naming conventions of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. Alternatively, Samsung may go for a much more simple nomenclature (the Galaxy Watch Ultra?).

Whatever the smartwatch ends up being called, we're excited to see what Samsung brings to the table. So read on for what we know so far about the Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra. 

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? A premium Samsung smartwatch
  • When is it out? Probably July 10
  • How much will it cost? Could be higher than $400 / £400 / AU$670

Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra: Expected launch date and price

an image of the July Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event logo

We're waiting for another Unpacked invite like this one (Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung's next Galaxy Unpacked event is confirmed to take place on Wednesday, July 10, and this is where we expect to see the Galaxy Watch Ultra (or whatever it ends up being called) unveiled to the world. 

If you're wondering what Samsung Unpacked events are like, check out our Unpacked January 2024 live blog for a taste of what to expect. Multiple devices, including the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6, Samsung Galaxy Buds 3, and Galaxy Ring are expected to appear at the same showcase.

As for pricing, the Galaxy Watch Ultra could be Samsung's most expensive smartwatch yet. Bearing in mind the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic currently starts at $399.99 / £399 / AU$669, it's likely to be higher than that – perhaps more towards the $799 / £799 / AU$1,399 starting price of the Apple Watch Ultra 2.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra: Leaks and rumors

Several Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic smartwatches in different colors

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic (Image credit: Samsung)

There haven't been any big Galaxy Watch Ultra leaks revealing the device in all its detail, but there have been plenty of intriguing smaller tidbits. In fact, rumors about extra Galaxy Watch 7 models have been swirling for months now.

Most of the leaks used the name Galaxy Watch 7 Pro – including this one about battery capacity increases – but it now seems more likely that the new wearable is actually going to be called the Galaxy Watch Ultra (and probably not the Galaxy Watch X, as one leak suggested).

Other rumors have simply indicated that an Ultra model is indeed on the way, without revealing anything about it apart from the name. We've now seen a number of signs that several smartwatches, including the Galaxy Watch Ultra, are going to be appearing soon – including the recently revealed Samsung Watch FE, a cheaper version of its current offering that's intended to compete with the Apple Watch SE.

Another rumor that we've come across suggests that the Galaxy Watch Ultra is going to be the first Samsung smartwatch with a Micro LED display, an upgrade to the current models, which use OLED displays. That would enable the device to be slimmer, or perhaps leave room for a bigger battery to be included.

Don't forget the software updates either: the Galaxy Watch Ultra is likely going to turn up with Wear OS 5 on board, or at least get it very quickly after launch. New versions of Wear OS have made their debuts on Samsung Galaxy Watches in the past.

A recent leak also highlighted the potential colorway of an Ultra model. While the Galaxy Watch 7 is likely to appear in Marble Gray, Cream White, and Forest Green, it appears the Galaxy Watch Ultra will be "all business" in Titanium Gray, with no other options available.

So we may already know a lot about what it looks like, but in terms of internals we've seen leaked data, too. According to one tipster, the Ultra will offer 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, and that'll match the Galaxy Watch 7.

Samsung hasn't said anything official about any potential Galaxy Watch Ultra, but in one of the company's official press releases, it talked about "premium" smartwatches being on the way. Whether that means the regular Galaxy Watch 7 or an Ultra model remains to be seen. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra: what we want to see

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 on a person's wrist

The Galaxy Watch Ultra would take on the Apple Watch Ultra 2 (Image credit: Future)

We're probably way past the stage where Samsung can make any changes to its upcoming Galaxy Watch Ultra – so it's too late for the manufacturer to take our advice now – but we'd still like to list a few features that we're hoping are included with the wearable.

1. Ultra-level battery life

One of the reasons you might want to spend much more on the Apple Watch Ultra 2 instead of the Apple Watch 9 is that it offers much better battery life: 36 hours of normal use compared to 18 hours. Battery life continues to be a challenge for smartwatch makers, but we're hoping that the Galaxy Watch Ultra lasts for several days between charges, making it perfect for outdoor adventuring.

2. Rugged good looks

Speaking of outdoor adventuring, if the Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra is going to take on the best Garmin watches on the market, then it's going to need to be built right. We're thinking premium materials, enhanced water and dust resistance, and so on – the sort of smartwatch you can take anywhere, but which also doesn't look out of place if it's being worn with smart clothing to a dinner party either.

3. Advanced functionality

If you look at the best smartwatches you can buy right now, they push the boundaries of what's possible with a wearable device. We know that Samsung is ambitious when it comes to developing health features such as blood pressure and glucose monitoring – those upgrades are probably still several years off, but we'd like to see the Galaxy Watch Ultra come with some features that take smartwatches forward.

4. AI – but use it well

Samsung has gone on the record to say that AI upgrades are on the way to their next batch of smartwatches, and that's fine with us – as long as it's used in the right way, and not so pervasive as to get in the way.

On a smartwatch especially, AI needs to be used sparingly and helpfully: picking out insights from a mass of tracking data, for example, or identifying the most important notifications to push through to your wrists.

5. A reasonable price point

If Samsung really does launch a Galaxy Watch Ultra, then it must think that there are users out there who are willing to pay more money for a more capable smartwatch – but we're hoping that the device doesn't come with too much of a premium price tag attached. Once you get up to the level of the best Samsung phones in terms of price, then it starts to make less sense to invest so much in a smartwatch.

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